Arch 201-Final Review and after

"Obviously you are making beautiful things..."

Is that ever enough? For artists maybe, but that’s surely not the case in architecture. Beauty through function, ‘building imbued with meaning’…I feel like surface is still dictating my ‘beautiful things’, that I tend to reach for substance. I missed an opportunity to keep around somehow I found ‘substantial’ last week, and I’m slowly running out of work to keep that fact at bay.

I missed another opportunity to ‘silence’ reviewers over not utilizing water as a light source when I designed my site out of layered trace paper and failed to light it from below (hoping we could move on in the discussion from our studio’s change in program….). I also did not have enough process or representation which is frustrating considering my previous boathouse review.

I took some time after review to make a full size plan of my project, using a few nearby props to start to construct it (dividers, masonite, cardboard…). A few interesting things were brought up about the width of the strong vertical ‘void’, comfort in stairs, hallway width etc….it all comes back to personal preference and what our professor talked about the difference between inhabiting a ‘sacred space’ and feeling like you’re defacing it.


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