Light as a Medium

Our studio class has been instructed to design an ‘instrument that reveals and defines light’. My current model is a sheet of plexi glass drilled through around the edges screwed to a wooden board; by changing the tension in the screws the glass takes different shapes:

The following images are projections from the plexi glass with the same set tension in the screws. The projections change due to the changing angle of the sun, as well as by rotating the instrument parallel to the ground plane. I removed the color of the board I was setting the projections on (through Photoshop) to try and understand the surface of the shapes being projected.

At the suggestion of a peer I tried to enter these into a new Autodesk program called 123D that can take images of an object at different angles to create a 3D model. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the desired effect (I think its because I took pictures of a rotated projection, not a projection that I rotated around…), but I will continue to pursue giving these illustrative light density projections three dimensional form.

Also, thing are not going well at home, I’ve been working hard to stay focused and happy, and this recent step forward in my studio project has been helpful.

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