Light Instrument Progress

I’m having a brain mush moment, the great kind that comes from a day of work and stress and laughter. Here’s where I’m at in my project:

Light as ‘Revealer’

My instrument deals with projections of light. I am defining projecting as ‘causing images or figures to appear on a surface in space’. Instead of using a medium to soften or disperse light, my instrument aims to control light as an artistic medium. The instrument allows for its user to control the density of light through actions of warping, bending and flexing. These projections contain light as a pure substance, beautiful to witness yet regrettably intangible.

Capturing these projections in photographs brought to mind x-rays and the structural qualities of bones-structures we can feel but are still out of reach. Skin acts as a cloth that covers these complex objects, taking on their shape, but still distancing the phenomenon from direct interaction. The projections describe light as a density of ‘substance’, while x-rays depict bones as varying density of tissue.

When I was in high school I had a spontaneous pneumothorax-the partial collapse of my right lung. For the week I recovered out of school I had a strong image of the x-ray presented to me by a pulmonologist set in the forefront of my mind-an image that spoke of structural impurity. No longer could I see my body as a shield to the internal-light had revealed that which was unknown and out of reach.

My instrument is simple, (which I think in turn makes the phenomenon more powerful): a 3” thick piece of memory foam set between two sheets of 1/16” plexi-glass. The pliable glass can be bent by flexing and bending the foam (two actions which I hope speak to human movement and bone structure), while the reflected light projection changes accordingly.





I now have to make three dimensional maps (the above three maps depict the ‘wispy’, ‘ethereal’ and ‘crisp’ nature of the projections. I’m not completely happy with them but we need six done by Monday so I probably have to move one) and create a couple sections. Which will be boring considering my instrument. Thanks for reading,



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