Portfolio Application Draft for Sasaki Internship

This is all subject to change, a 10 page example of work followed by what I expect to take from the Internship:

Designing an Interdependent World

In an article written by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien entitled ‘Slowness’, a specific refrain was played: ‘When engaging a new design, certainty is a prison.’

The chance to leave the comforts of the Quad City area into the ‘uncertain’ is the next logical step in a life driven by the process of design. As a design student and student mentor, I’ve found beauty in struggle, and poetics in frustration. Having the courage to move forward without knowing where you are going speaks to design as a process, but also as a form of meditation – an immersive reflection.

An immersive and meditative medium that has emerged as the driving factor in my work is light. Spatially, formally, light allows for the emotional, oneiric, and visceral aspects of life. For me, light speaks to optimism and love. In a world of increasing interdependency among nations and ideals, what better principles than those to base design off of? I believe the ideals of the Sasaki Firm match mine own.

Growing up across the river from Eero Saarinen’s John Deere Pavilion, made visiting a place a special event, a break from the mundane. Saarinen’s work resonates with me on levels of structural ingenuity and pragmatism, effectively making the ordinary (steel, glass and masonry) into something extraordinary. The chance to see the works of Saarinen in the Boston and Connecticut Area would be an affirming and memorable step in my journey into the professional field of architecture; also in my extremely personal exploration of light.

Studio life thrives when there is no division of labor, when labels cannot hinder progress. A firm centered on interdisciplinary practice has a tremendous power: the ability to transcend individual subjects in order to achieve a uniquely innocent approach to design.

I have experience working alongside others, sharing in a vision, and collaborating with purpose- the Sasaki Internship would allow me to take these practices and build upon them on a much larger level.

I expect to be challenged tremendously, overwhelmed, set into uncertainty, but I also expect to persevere, to struggle through and learn more about interdisciplinary design in an interdependent and labile world.

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