Folding Light

Working at home with some new light sculptures, figuring out ways to fold images into themselves…here’s some sort of transition from dragon fly to man with unibrow….

I’m still trying to find out how this can be something more than visually inspiring, I realize if I get people to see reflected light in a way that I do I can enrich everyday life and make people more attuned to their surroundings (via physical shapes, the changing angle of the sun, etc.). It seems like I can always up the scale, light and shadow conditions (add more elements, subtractive and additive) making something more interesting from an artistic standpoint, but I think it might make more sense to move toward every day objects…plates, glasses, planters, windows…

I was riding the bus the other day, and the entire sun facing side reflected a ghost onto the ground, a sort of thin wispy shell like one a cicada sheds- an inverted/negative image of glass, plastic and metal picking up all the imperfections of the bus’s exterior surfaces. This shell floated alongside the bus until, of course, it turned away from the sun.

I have a lot of interest in the condition of shadow, object, projection – a tripartite condition pulled from a single light source. This idea of pulling more out of/from one existing source holds a lot of potential for architecture and design in general, but I anticipate in the future that conversion from what I’m doing here with glass to architectural practice will not be a 1:1 conversion. If anything I am going to try to use this visual interest to reverse the design process of a building at strategic times, going into how the proposed materials might reflect, bend and distort sunlight – I don’t think anyone who designed a high rise in downtown Chicago was horribly concerned with the displacement of light caused by the thousands of windows employed, but it might lead to some interesting discoveries.

Here’s another done at church:



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