Landscape…yes I run like a fool



Part of a week long project involving personal definitions of landscape. I tried to use graphics heavily, as it’s something I’m not well versed in. The photomontages turned out very pixelated I think that has to do with the screenshots I captured from i-movie. My idea was based around a perceptual matrix (the orange grid somewhat weakly representing time), additionally I tried to argue that like people, landscapes have extremely complex characteristics worthy of our interest and affection. I made various conceptual models (an ‘ice cube tray’ of sorts representing the relative decay and permanence of the cemetery, as well as a stitching model (going with the mutually beneficial relationship of doctor and patient) showing the carving of the landscape). The project asked us to find spaces in the nearby cemetery and wooded area that could help reinforce our definitions.

Long day ahead, thanks for reading



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