Ledges Project – Designing an Understanding – 1 week remaining

Some shots of the work I’ve done this past week and a half –


This is Doug and I’s macro site model of Ledges state park, done in masonite. The wired ‘worm’ is our wind tunnel depicting how the wind coming off the Des Moines River funnels through our site. Below is our nodal noise component, closely related to wind and topography.

The wire mesh placed over the topography model allows a user to simulate the changing river, as the moire pattern adjusts and adapts to to the movement of the finger. Definitely throughout our landscape projects, there has been a desire for dynamic models and drawings that react (landscape being a constantly shifting and adapting place).


This next few drawings are of my more specific site within Ledges. I’m very interested in what makes this series of places so spatially interesting, and I will continue to be drawing and modeling the conditions.


Today I spent the morning drawing a section through my site, and overlaying the light conditions based off our solar geometry. It hasn’t been reading well to others so it probably needs a lot more work


Also, the Armory where we have been set up is extremely warm, so using some scrap masonite I made a light diffuser for the table’s overhead light. It provides minimal relief, but someone said it reminded them of hospital lighting which is not good…



Review next Friday, a week of work ahead. Thanks for reading,


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