Landscape Meditation Space

Wrapped up a two week project today that dealt with reconciling landscape and meditation. We were given a beautiful site in Madison County, IA, specifically a 10′ by 14′ garden plot that showed vestiges of a past root cellar. Our project was to design an intervention that articulated qualitative and quantitative data, channeling it through an understanding of landscape and meditation. This quick project is supposed to be a lead in to our next project: an urban retreat for the health care providers of Des Moines (a place to ‘heal the healers’).

My project had to do with an understanding of this root cellar/garden space as a cleansing station before the full site was experienced, the equivalent of the Catholic church ritual of dipping hands in the holy water before the meditative/religious experience. My favorite part of this project was easily the 20 feet of trace paper drawings I was able to produce. Drawing is easily my favorite form of meditation.


Sequence of thresholds:


Some Process Models:


Unfortunately our instructor felt the majority of our class’s projects weren’t ‘baked’ enough for a proper critique, so we didn’t have any other reviewers (a little unfair for myself and a few others). I really struggled well (if that makes sense) through this project, learning a lot about personal workflow, inefficient practices and some rendering tricks to speed things up. I’m looking forward to applying it all towards the next project.

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