Arch 301 Regenerative Landscape

THE EXPLAINER2 Community Centermedi sectionfinal reconstruction sectionsection thru housingprivate parking sectioncommunity center layout pieces

Just wrapped up our 301 Final Review. I ran into a few unanticipated issues at pin up, but overall it went as expected. Conceptually I had a very rich exploration, unfortunately by the time the reviewers could really ‘enter’ and discuss the review was all but over.

The project was centered around our semester long explorations of landscape, our evaluation of the Medical Community, our site analysis and previous ideas about meditation – all to design a Rural Retreat Center. My project was based around the idea of reconstruction, of both the landscape and the body/mind. It became difficult to enter because by the time the review came around I was working with many filters and lenses that all needed introductions in order to understand the decisions I had made.

My focus is shifted toward catching up with sleep, organizing a 301 studio portfolio, and taking a daunting sci-tech final.

Thanks for reading,


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