Tools of Spiritual Reconstruction – Vedic Observatory


My mother and I stopped in Fairfield, IA on our way to St. Louis. We stopped at the Raj (the spa and resort that uses alternative healing practices) and the Vedic Observatory, finding the place extremely bizarre and interesting, even without the sun out to ‘activate’ these spaces during the day. Basically these are all tools to read the heavens (think modern day Stonehenge…same knowledge, new building practices), in some there are steel rings held in tension, their shadow depicting the altitude and azimuth of the sun (Goche’s corn crib installment is starting to make a lot more sense now..), in others there are pegs whose shadows reveal the equinox, solstices, etc. The site it was placed on was beautiful and open.

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In Vedic Astronomy, the cosmos are discovered by traveling inward…it’s said that simply by viewing the instruments, one’s physiology begins to align with cosmic physiology, individual knowledge with cosmic knowledge. I have to say the entire experience was bizarre and uplifting….(something about spiritual reconstruction tying into our landscape meditation project?)


One thought on “Tools of Spiritual Reconstruction – Vedic Observatory

  1. Wow, now the washer in the corncrib makes perfect sense. This is actually the second time I’ve visited. First time I just looked at the pictures, this time I read, and what a world of differences reading makes.

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