SoHo Housing Schematic Design Review


Yesterday was our schematic design review for the 302 SoHo housing project. I’m still struggling with programming the 1st floor public access space, and have just recently decided on an interfaith community center. I am arguing for a humanistic ‘inside out’ approach to the project, designing 2-3 small affordable units that can then be repeated in various configurations to allow for complexity and individuality. Light, niches, nooks, wind and materials (aediculas?) are becoming phenomenological footholds, as I defiantly try to combat the hyper consumerist abstract division of space capitalism creates. Somewhat ironically I will have to ‘sell’ my project on the basis of: 1)each unit being a corner unit, which means it’s more valuable,  2) Money continues to be donated to churches despite other building production slowing down, 3) each unit is designed with the human body in/and mind. My architectural strategies will probably have to come from basic Japanese metabolism theories of ‘infrastructure’, plugging units into that infrastructure based on highly designed systems. There is much to do….

Here are some photos of the site model which I can’t take much credit for at all, since I was heavily involved in the Hansen Competition at the time of it’s completion(which I am happy to report that I tied for first place in!).

Site Model

Model In Site

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