Urban Field Notes

Imagine the observer is the origin from which pixels of light pulsate and radiate out and right back on a straight line, forming a virtual information link called the optical beam.

When enough optical beams radiate out from the observer we end up with an optical triangle, which can rotate and swivel and sweep the horizon. And when enough optical triangles radiate out from the observer we end up with a funnel called the cone of vision. At the vertex is the observer.


The Situationist International documented and modeled paths of desire, inspired by play and creative work. Here the Survivalists document acts of predation, drawing connections between contemporary and biological needs for survival.

the captures – the camera as critical eye – drawing as movement – action of travel


How do I find food? I am traveling to an unknown city, to document its architecture, in order to further understand construction, in order to increase my knowledge base in order to make my knowledge base more marketable in order to get a job in order to make money so I can exchange money for food which I can then eat, fulfilling a biological need of consumption. When did basic needs become so abstract?


Predators isolate points among a field, using sharp detail and focus to limit the noise of their visual domain.


Prey prefer peripheries. Prey see in landscape where predators see in portrait; always interested in a way out, prey tune themselves towards safety. First they establish entry and exit points, seeing everything while focusing on nothing.


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