The Pantheon


Moving to Rome has me feeling especially naive and ignorant; whether it be blundering through a conversation with a local, or staring in awe at a sight seen a thousand times over by a disgruntled tourist-trap-tchotcke-vendor. I find myself wanting to contribute – more than just clogging the streets and spending euro at the gelateria.

I have been thinking a lot about how we experience space for the first time. The moment of discovery, when our bodies involuntarily record the first synaesthetic memory of a space. How do we chose to settle, move, record, touch, see what’s next? Of course we don’t really choose, we are carried. The Pantheon is a building that keeps pulling me in.

I’ve been watching how others experience it for the first time. Usually, visitors take the same photographs, comment on how much larger it is than they imagined, and stare into the oculus that punctures the perfect geo-metric space with light. Light and shadow breathe in this space.

In light of being surrounded by tourists so far on the trip, I am trying to be highly curatorial with my photographs…here’s a record of the space.

pantheon captures2 the pantheon2Studio tomorrow, thanks for reading.



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