DSN 546: Project 1 – Vestigial Walls of the Ghetto


The following images are from yesterday’s review; our first of the semester. I had the great pleasure of working under Mark Engelbrecht during his final semester at ISU. His lessons in drawing and watercolor, as well as his guidance through the project were hugely inspiring, both for myself and my peers. The project brief was to design an interpretive environment for visitors of the Tiber Island. Emphasis was placed on revealing an unseen condition and constructing a narrative by means of a path. My project focused on revealing and memorializing a historical barrier on the south side of the Jewish Ghetto.FINAL BOOK - Copy_Page_1FINAL BOOK - Copy_Page_2



FINAL BOOK - Copy_Page_4

FINAL BOOK - Copy_Page_5

I was admittedly a little rushed on producing graphics and renderings as my parents and friends arrived in Rome last Friday. I have been having a great time showing them what little I know of the city, eating out and catching up.

Our ‘South Field Trip’ begins on Thursday, where we will travel to Baiae, Salerno, Paestum, Herculaneum, Naples, and the Island of Capri.



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