Rabbit Temple I have a confession to make: I am addicted to a lecture series I downloaded called ‘Religious Archaeology’, and have been letting it influence me while I draw for class and for leisure. The series takes listeners through various archaeological discoveries of ancient ruins, rituals, and sacred landscapes of past civilizations. The topics often include things like megalithic stones, geomancers, druids and oracle bones. It’s wildly captivating and has me imbuing all of my sketches with a degree of formal mystery and notions of discovery.

This particular sketch is of an ancient rodent turned into a stone temple: his lower jaw a gate; his face a canopy that cantilevers forth from the rock; his horns antennae from which planetary bodies orbit. What the hell, right?

I have an exciting independent drawing project coming up that accounts for half our semester’s grade in drawing class. I have drafted a program and am waiting for approval – more news to come.


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