2014 Roma Tre/ISU Urban Re/Use Workshop

Yesterday we wrapped up an intensive two day workshop and competition at the Roma Tre Studio space in Testaccio. I had the great pleasure of working with three Italians from Roma Tre and a larchitect from ISU: Pier Luigi Ortolani, Valentina Ietto, Nicole Michelena and Garret Swanson. We were awarded first place for our project entitled Onde in Copertura (or in English, ‘Covering Waves’).

The primary goal of the project was to reuse an abandoned building of the slaughterhouse, designing it for a student run cafe and gallery space, and to relate it to the Tiber River (on whose banks it is located). We tried to solve the problem by combining the language of the extremely efficient/rational Griglia del Mattatoio, with the curvaceous language of the Tiber itself. By Looking at the variety of roof profiles in the slaughter house, we were able to combine elements of each into a new roof for the old dilapidated building, as well as carry out a consistent language of canopy and covering that could address the specific needs of the larger site.

We were really fortunate to be able to participate in the competition and had an excellent team – I am still amazed at how much we could accomplish in just two days. Enjoy the work!


Concept Sketches

Diagram 2








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