Concept Diagram


What happens when the generative scaffold (see last posts), is superimposed with the enveloping scaffold?

The enveloping scaffold being one that veils, but also breaks up a form, simultaneously  shrouding the whole while revealing its parts. A ‘symbolically’ reconstructive tool, in that it communicates a restorative effort, and ‘visually’ archaeological tool, in that it illuminates fragments.

Are they so unnerving/captivating because they, unlike their generative counterparts, were not designed in relation to mathematical ratios and our bodily proportions? Clearly they have an analytic of their own: significant mathematics that lead to their addition and subtraction, and human occupation. Perhaps what is so interesting is that these un-bodily, or ‘less bodily’ constructs appear in such an  ephemeral way, parasitically clinging to massive antiquated forms.

Of course these massive forms are themselves ‘clinging to life’, victim to the degradation of time and pollution. In this way the enveloping scaffold clings to that which clings to life. A doctor who needs a patient, in order to exist as a doctor.

When the reconstructive job is done the enveloping scaffold disappears, the antiquated form it once enveloped that much further from its inevitable return to the earth.

[My philosophy thought for the day…this time from Nietzsche]
Trying to rationalize the grid (THE rational element) takes time. So much time that I realize I am hungry, an instinctual feeling. Must…fulfill…animalistic…desire…for sustenance. Once that desire is satiated I return to ‘loftier’ pursuits, until I feel the grumbles of a ‘lesser’ call to nature, and realize I am trapped in a constant struggle. Perhaps the least, or best I can do is elevate that struggle into art. …drawing to learn once again.

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