3/30/14 – Chiesa di San Valentino

Chiesa di San Valentino

This is a study of Chiesa di San Valentino  by architect Francesco Berarducci, a sacred space in the 1960’s Olympic neighborhood/Flaminio district. Here there is some semblance of a marriage between the analytical and archaeological scaffold.


In plan the space is organized by means of a rigid modulation or generative scaffold. In my drawing I try to emphasize via diagram the simple strategy of establishing a planar module, then pushing and pulling separate modules to create volumes of space that allow for the admittance of light.


The effect is a space with a type of overhead scaffolding, that feels not unlike an archaeological site (or perhaps more aptly, due to its location in the quartiere, some type of overhead space for standing spectators).
archaeological site

Notice also in plan the simple graphic that carries the visitor from the street to the sacred. [I wish I had known about this project when I was working on my alleyway chapel project in 302…the thesis of which was that a simple deviation from the street/norm in combination with intimate light is all it takes for a spiritually rewarding moment…of course one of my teachers would be quick to point out that this church too has a gate! (mine did not…)]


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