La Casa delle Acque

We wrapped up our final project for the 2014 Spring Rome Studio last week. We were charged with designing a ‘house for the waters of Rome’; a sort of speculative museum that communicates the histories and futures of the Tiber River.

I tried to incorporate all I had learned  from the previous two projects and drawing explorations by designing a building that is both overbuilt/engineered and porous. The metaphor of memory as inherently fluid and reconstructive became the impetus of the project. By rebuilding the Aurelian Wall destroyed during the construction of the Lungotevere as a scaffold that is both shrouding and fragmenting the museum’s primary mass, I was able to create a complex (and complicated) dialogue between inside, outside, inbetween, above and below

I took a lot of inspiration from a short meditation on memory by late architectural theorist and architect Lebbeus Woods.


The memory field below shows all of the fragments united in space by the Tiber that were cut off from the memory of Rome by the Lungotevere street and embankment walls in an infrastructural and architectural amnesia.


The plan resolves itself as the solid/private mass of la casa plugged into the embankment wall, bounded by the public and porous Piazza Fluida.FINAL PRESENTATION

FINAL PRESENTATIONThe project could have benefited greatly from another week of work, and I regretted not making a final model. I definitely need to work on making physical models or drawdels (drawing models)…another thing to look forward to this summer while studying in Copenhagen!

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