Travel Recap – Torino

I will be posting some travels days from the past three weeks with photos/sketches/journal entries:

Guarino Guarini1

Aldo Rossi – Casa Aurora2

Guarino Guarini – San Lorenzo3

Alessando Antonelli – Mole Antonelli4

Pietro Carrera – Subalpina Gallery5


Pietro Carrera9
5/14/14 – 13:45, Inside the Cattedrale in Torino
I got on the wrong train to Torino at 11:05, my train from Milan didn’t leave from Milano Centrale and was more expensive for it. Fortunately the attendants let me on the train anyway (could have made it without a ticket…the train was packed fulled of fans for a football game between Sevilla and ??). I spent the morning in Milano sporting a bloody nose and desperately needing to shit, so I made it a point to stop right away in Turin to get kleenex and find a place to eat. Chinese Buffet for 5 euros = lots of food and guaranteed defecation. The food was great, I miss Chinese food…Torino’s Porta Nova is completely covered in scaffolding. So far I appreciate the architecture of Turin more than Milan. Both are modern, industrial cities (gridded streets, electrical tram cars, etc.), but Turin is more tuned to the pedestrian with its large piazzas/porticoes. Less Americans too. Epic disappointment upon walking into the cathedral and seeing the two soot black doors leading up to Guarini’s chapel closed off…STILL recovering from the fire in ’97. The shroud is heavily visited, its legacy wildly inspiring – even if it was not Jesus, someone was crucified, and it’s easy to feel the pain of martyrdom through the cloth.


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