Travel Recap – Milano


Donato Bramante – Santa Maria presso San Satiro5 7

Luigi Moretti – Corso Italia Complex4 3


Duomo di Milano8 9 105/14/14 – Inside Bramante’s Church in Milano
Two men sit and read in the pews. Businessmen. A quite space in a loud city is an amenity. The idea of a free, public space, one designed to be beautiful, to inspire (fear?), to calm, feels alien/novel in a city as fast as this. The subway is a rickety old thing…many quarrelsome noises of metal on metal. My hostel in ten minutes from the centre here. I found the Luigi Moretti building. Moretti was definitely a ‘sculptor’, using the large wedge mass as a solid, cutting into its solidity as the apartments distance themselves from the prying eyes of the street (i.e. me). The jaggedness/crust feels not unlike the cleft of Il Girasole. There is a sensitivity in Moretti’s plans that defies rationalism – the slight bulge and bend of the walls that reminds us of the presence of a pencil in hand during the determination of space. The building feels organic…organ like. Living. The slightest of curvature ‘invites us to return’. The extra effort matters. The duomo is nice in the morning sun. I bet it’s gorgeous at sunset. I was more interested in the abstract geometric shapes of the piazza outside than the spires/ornament. Once the proportions are set in place the rest is just gravy.


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