Travel Recap – Siena

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5/11/14 Piazza del Campo
A masonry fan or flower, depressed into itself. A ‘gravitational’ curve, more bend than curve, more warp than bend. A perspectival field, a parachute of brick to float on, to walk on, to wrap up in. There are clouds above…a group of boys and men in green, red, white, fill the field with the pulse of drums. They form a perimeter around the piazza, a porous barrier of sound and color. The drums climax to a halt and the piazza is silent. The drain below…centuries of gathering a piazza full of water and waste. Today children play in its barbarous forms, still drawn toward dark, cramped spaces of cellars and attics, adventure and play.

5/11/14 Train Towards Bologna
Eager to dump my things and wander the porticoes of Bologna. Unfortunately it may already be dark. Thinking of this accelerated uncertainty and reward that happens on every mini-destination. The medieval street becomes a kind of microcosm of discovery…the tight confines, the twisting/winding ‘just around the way here!’ and the ultimate relief/reward of an arrival to a destination, a deep breath, a moment of clarity. A distorted alleyway becomes a test/experiment, a piazza with a legible perimeter and central feature becomes a small truth. It is the design process or any creative process made inhabitable.

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