Narrative Details

I have been accumulating thousands of photos from my travels north of Rome, and wanted to take a post (or two) to arrange a few of the constructions I’ve encountered that tell stories. Stories that are witnessed through the senses of sight, touch and smell.

The Baptismal Font at Sankt Petri Church in Klippan. The brick patterns show us where the minister stands (there are no cut bricks in the entire church, all selected by the architect Lewerentz), the shell where the child is placed in water. The masonry ‘fingers’ at either end make it feel as though the entire church is embracing the ceremonial act, while the deep water (how deep?) suggests the space is carved out of the earth.
The gates at Asplund’s Woodland Chapel in Stockholm. 
Symbolism abounds in the Krematorium in Berlin. An egg levitates above a shallow pool of water. Fine white sand sits among the walls. The roof is supported by light itself.
The story of a country is painted in a series of plates in Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge.
A destroyed stone church is reborn in rammed earth at the Reconciliation Chapel in Berlin.
The construction of the Bruder Klaus Chapel by Peter Zumthor is recalled every time a candle is lit in the space.

3 thoughts on “Narrative Details

  1. Hi Matthew,
    I am interested in possibly using your photograph of the interior of the Klaus Bruder Chapel in a book I I writing on Sensory Design. Could you please contact me about this possibility and I will give you more details about the project?
    Many thanks,

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