Study Tour pt.1 – Sankt Petri Kyrka/St. Henrik’s Ecunemical Art Chapel

We returned Saturday night from our incredible DIS study tour north through Scandinavia, stopping along the way for important works of humanist architecture. The next few posts will be of sketches and photos reviewing some of my experiences during the tour_a

6_study tour_1


4_inside and outside_pdf
1) the famous window detail: the glazing is ‘glued’ and fastened onto the exterior of the building, allowing for uninterrupted views outwards into the landscape. 2) every brick was selected from the scrapyard by the architect, none were machine cut: ‘Even human beings, who by others are considered as “scrap”, are suitable for the Lord.’ There are many different patterns throughout the building. 3) The interior is an immense cavern of masonry, sloping towards the communion table in an attempt “to help the doubtful towards the communion table”. 4) The central Antonius cross which supports the undulating roof, becomes an essential figure in worship, literally and metaphorically organizing the space.

6/28/14 – 23:00, on Viking Line
The majority of the day is spent in transit…watching ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, boarding a cruise ship, eating a monstrous buffet and crashing hard into our tiny four person cabin. A long day awaits…up at 5:00 am Finnish Time, traveling to 5+ projects. 

4_inside and outsid_pdf
1) the exterior of the building rises out of the rock, a sloped path enables a dramatic entry sequence. 2) the building’s skin reflects the surrounding trees and sky. 3) the interior is a ribbed skeleton of pine and light, the wood smells sweet. 4) looking down the gallery/nave, the structure becoming a value study of gradation.

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