Study Tour pt. 2 – Kiasma/Temppeliaukio Kirkko/Myyrmaki Kyrka

We returned last Saturday from our incredible DIS study tour north through Scandinavia, stopping along the way for important works of humanist architecture. The next few posts will be of sketches and photos reviewing some of my experiences during the trip.

study tour_b

9_study tour_4

inside and outside
1) The facade facing the Parliament building bends and warps into a leaf (?) like profile. 2) The Chiasma: the two optic nerves of museum program collide and entwine. 3) The skip stair leaps between levels. 4) Space is bent, light leads the way.

6/29/14 – Helsinki, 13:30 – cold, lots of rain
A drowsy ride from Paimio…Helsinki has an awesome railroad track turned pedestrian walkway connecting the city below street level. Visiting Kiasma soon….
The museum had some phenomenal moments…and some completely drunken spatial experiments. The space is about gravity and light, which I quite like, and the custom hand railing and door details were sensational. The palette…corten, bronze, white and the Japanese sliding doors. We were pretty tired by the time of arrival. Bought a book on animal architecture…turns out Pallasmaa did the writing. Returned to the hotel after an expensive dinner. Went to the sauna, had my muscles melted and am happily in bed by 9:30. Eager for tomorrow!

10_study tour_5

inside and outside
1) Inbetweenness. 2) The absurdity of a giant rock surrounded by city blocks. It felt like inhabiting a collage. 3) The space was full of tourists and cameras…capturing photos in order to forget. Notice the strata of natural, organized, fabricated. 4) Wheeee!
inside and outside
1) The exterior was clad in very ‘cheap’ materials…light brick and wood that looked like ‘suburban’ vinyl from the U.S.. The verticals are an abstraction of the surrounding forest. 2) The altar consists of planes on planes of light and fabric. I was not equipped to draw the light in my sketchbook with drawing materials. 3) Corners dissolve, suspended lights glow and hover.


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