7/20/14 – DIS Home Stretch

We are entering our final studio week here in Copenhagen, making the final boards and models of our studio project: a Timber Pavilion for the King’s Garden.
Formal ORganization

My concept evolved from a series of studies combining notions of spatial tension and compression, felt in the dense winding medieval streets of the old city. I am challenging the King’s Garden’s design as one basically unchanged for 350 years even as the ownership of the space changed from that of the King’s private ownership (centralized) to public (distributed). Because the architecture failed to reflect this change, the garden’s appeal is one of a fairy tale, not unlike Tiovli, Disneyland or any other place made stale through fantasy. The city of Copenhagen (and many, MANY other cities) struggle with how to transform ‘cultural relics’ that prevent urban growth and maturation. Of course the garden is used wonderfully, and our site especially is quite popular.1
The pavilion’s strength, then, is in its transience. Up in a week, down in a few months. Enough to challenge what architecture can and should be in a city, and world, of constant change. Of course it is laden with motifs that I have picked up here in Scandinavia…each pod filled with a different quality of Nordic light. I have been looking intently at different uses of wood for the past month and a half, and am still delightfully disturbed by the universe within each knot, a magnetic resonance of imperfection.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAplan2Plan3
1As always I am thrilled to be at the edge of my seat with X-acto, pencil, and mouse in hand…a deadline swiftly approaching, a new space revealing itself to me and the world. I will post some more updates later in the week.

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