7/24/14 – DIS Home Stretch Pt. 2

FINAL_Site Plan_1_500
Site Plan-1:1000
Working Elevations, North_1:100
Working Elevations, South_1:100
‘Path’ Model, studying inbetweeness and ground undulations
diffused light
Study model of offset vertical timber boards and bench

4 5 Models are tricky things.

How can something be both an ‘ideal’ and a ‘fake’?
Why do we model first in abstract white volumes, devoid of material characteristics? Shouldn’t form emerge from those now absent characteristics?

Models are beautiful things.

Every model is an instrument in the light of the sun.
A means to measure the earth (geo/earth-metry/measure).
A means to measure time.

Models are imaginary things. Physical and mental investments.

I become the man in the foreground, the child becomes my daughter.
Concept means nothing anymore, ‘architecture’ never meant anything to begin with –
I want to know where we are headed.

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