2.5D cont’d – Urban Vignettes

“Where did you get your forms?”

city of boston main drainage cross section 1 cross section 2 cross section 3

1 2 3 4

These are more 2.5D studies, framed as ‘urban vignettes’ for an experimental music complex in Boston that I have been working on with Han Kwon and Jill Maltby.

65  7 8 9

I’ve realized that a lot of studio work for students (myself included) relates to anxiety about form; not so much as it relates to function, but form in and of itself. Professors know that form ’emerges’ from a project, but are quick to suggest little things that will make the tectonics ‘nice’. “Have you seen ‘x-building’ by ‘y-architect’? Just do something like that for this detail/profile/material.” I’ve wasted hours choosing to ignore form, treating it as a superficial, and base ‘material interest’, unworthy of acceptance in an immaterial world. I wanted to talk about ‘space’ only: that illusive, spiritual entity that obviously can never be talked about without form.

[I grew up in between suburban and urban Midwest, where there was so much space I had no idea what space was; where you could see the curvature of the earth between the parking lots of Walmart and Hy-Vee. Form? Form is the shitty billboard advertising Hardee’s: sculptural, flat, insignificant, or worse: immoral. ‘Space’ offers a way to talk about design with less emphasis on ‘form’. ‘Light’ becomes a way to make ‘space’ spiritual. To be sure, there is no ‘architecture’ for a student interested in only light and ‘space…Spirit and Absence. In fact. matter matters.]

One comment

  1. Jungwoo Ji

    Matt, they were great and inspired. These models let me ask you, “What is ‘Music Drainage?’

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