Excerpts from Arch 403 Review

Do irrational spaces make us act more irrationally? (do the winding fractal patterns of the streets in Rome move citizens to love more, to embrace the arts, to worship?…to engage in some of the most important and most memorable facets of life?)FINAL PRESENTATION

Re-purposed materials and residual spaces create moments of gathering and the creation of myth.1 2 3 5

Re-purposed building forms and materials led us (Han Kwon, Jill Maltby and I) to create a small music complex along the waterfront:


I was a little disappointed with our Arch 403 review yesterday. Part of the panel wanted to drown themselves in a pool of architectural honey, smiling at the sickly sweet grand gestures of a Bilbao era long past. It is becoming more difficult to justify the construction of grand architectural gestures throughout the world, especially in a district (the-BRA-dubbed ‘Innovation District) that is succumbing to a non-sustainable urbanization project driven by aimless capitalist urgency and the desire to brand ‘innovation’ as a commodity to be purchased.

Fortunately our studio professor believes in the work we have done, and we are moving forward into the CSI competition.

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