Sectional Profanation

We stumbled upon a sacred space…carelessly cutting sections through the Acropolis in hopes of explicating its wonders and mysteries.

We regretted our act – having revealed a virgin spring that in ancient times was only beholden by the pure innocence of children – we have taken its purity with our drawing thoughts.

We were trained as architects, not profaners.

We were told to keep our mental knives sharp.
To slice through the rough skin of the nearest fruit, Never expecting its flesh to be black and rotten.

We have returned with evidence: the section. Sealed.






“Actaeon, who with these thoughts, his dogs, searched for goodness, wisdom, beauty, and the wild beast outside himself, attained them in this way. Once he was in their presence, ravished outside of himself by so much beauty, he became the prey of this thoughts and saw himself converted into the thing he was pursuing. Then he perceived that he himself had become the coveted prey of his own dogs, his thoughts, because having already tracked down the divinity within himself it was no longer necessary to hunt for it elsewhere…”

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