Bad Pogo

The following drawings/photos are from Project 3 of the Toys! Studio 2015, entitled ‘Toying with Toys (or, Pimp my Kid’s ride)’. I worked together with Kelsi Thrasher on the construction of ‘Bad Pogo’ a re-imagined green and pink pogo from the 90’s (you know, the model we all had as kids).

pogo design technical
technical drawing by Kelsi Thrasher

In the early 20th century modern doctrine of ‘form follows function,’ the pogo’s efficient use of materials belies its reality of unpredictable motion. The re-introduction of wit, ornament and attitude necessary for an ironically ‘honest’ object of industrial design would be the appropriate 21st century reinterpretation, one which never occurred in its evolution from Flybar (1918) to Xpogo (1999).



Besides the addition of grip tape, handle bar tape, and a coat of rubberized paint to the spring, most of the hard work was done by Jim Howe at Howe’s welding, who took our full scale drawings and, using existing dyes within an unreasonably short deadline, improvised a new frame that looks better than we could ever have hoped. He also took the time to paint the new frame and bolt work after finishing. We now love Jim (even if he looks like William Dafoe as the Green Goblin), and I’m looking forward to working with him on our final project (a soap box derby car!).



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