Cultivating the Lawscape

cultivating the lawscape3

In between coursework I have been gathering a series of patent drawings that have proven useful in illustrating and exploring the themes of my written research. I am crafting a drawing project that only utilizes copyrighted imagery, tapping into the composite ideograms (or ‘(dis)continuous geneaologies’) of Douglas Darden, and using them to interpret vast landscapes abstracted into capital. Living in and among the diagram of the Midwest, I find myself increasingly sensitive to the modern infrastructures we’ve inherited and the ecological sovereignty it has enabled (‘modern’ here understood as the clear separation of society from nature, where air, land, water, etc., belongs to ‘the commons’…the “free gifts of nature,” of which Marx would write).

Cultivating the Lawscape is part of a series of strange machines that manicures the ‘natural’ world, in the name of human experience. It signals the technology required for the conversion of wilderness into a kind of planetary Gesamtkuntswerk, or ‘total work of art’: the world as an immeasurable, human made sublime.

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