Cosmic Interiors

Cosmic Interiors – 8.5″ x 11″, Mixed Media The sublime feeling is a ‘rapid alternation’ between the fear of the overwhelming and the peculiar pleasure of seeing that overwhelming overwhelmed. It is the violent cleaving of the subject in two and the mind’s  subsequent capacity to return from the enormous; the momentous edge where the demands of reason and the faculties of imagination ultimately decide … Continue reading Cosmic Interiors

Cultivating the Lawscape

In between coursework I have been gathering a series of patent drawings that have proven useful in illustrating and exploring the themes of my written research. I am crafting a drawing project that only utilizes copyrighted imagery, tapping into the composite ideograms (or ‘(dis)continuous geneaologies’) of Douglas Darden, and using them to interpret vast landscapes abstracted into capital. Living in and among the diagram of the Midwest, I … Continue reading Cultivating the Lawscape

Discovery and Departure

Hannah Arendt, in the prologue of The Human Condition, outlines the psychopolitcal importance of the first earth-born object successfully launched into the universe in 1957 as one of relief, rather than triumphal joy: “This event, second in importance to no other, not even to the splitting of the atom, would have been greeted with unmitigated joy if it had not been for the uncomfortable military and political … Continue reading Discovery and Departure