Bizarre Bazaar Announcement

On Saturday May 2, Toys! 2015 hosts “Bizarre Bazaar,” a celebration that features work created by a talented group of students. We’ll be showing for the first time a set of gravity racers and soap box derby cars (if they survive the race on Friday) in addition to an array of earlier projects, from building blocks to haute couture furry masks. And of course you’ll … Continue reading Bizarre Bazaar Announcement

Lamp Progress

Citing star coral, the elevator buttons at the College of Design and trypophobia, Terranum imagines a crater-like topography of light constructed in canson paper, LED ultra bulbs, chipboard and money clips.      This iteration looks at new means of securing the cable through a custom laser cut baseplate while the money clips hold the modules together. The final project will utilize black Strathmore paper, and consist of three … Continue reading Lamp Progress

Make it RAIN!

We had an incredible turnout to our Toys! Studio ‘Make it RAIN!’ event this afternoon in the College of Design. Nearly 3,000 balloons, 700$ in prizes and a few hundred students turned up from various ends of Ames (as well as a custom fishing net from Louisiana). Our project, which focused on the sobering realities of student debt, was constructed around three symbolic gestures. First … Continue reading Make it RAIN!

Make It RAIN! Toys! Studio Press Release

The following is the press release for our Toys! design studio project (design a ‘happening’), written by myself and our professor, Mitchell Squire (but mostly written by Mitchell). Make it RAIN! ISU College of Design students brings creative awareness to the issue of student loan debt by hosting a locally sponsored balloon drop. In 2012 the Institute for College Access & Success reported that 71% … Continue reading Make It RAIN! Toys! Studio Press Release

Zenghelis Masterclass

This week ISU’s Architecture Department wrapped up an intensive eight day masterclass with OMA co-founder Elia Zenghelis. Elia’s lectures and discussions led us to construct a provocation: an emblematic image of a particular architectural precedent or paradigm, all in the guise of a social condenser. The workshop was a resounding success for both the students and the department. The 50 or so of us selected … Continue reading Zenghelis Masterclass